SEO & Analytics

Optimize your site
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of digitally marketing your shopping centers. If a consumer doesn’t see your property’s retailer in search engine results – quickly, accurately and near the top – it is very likely you will never see that shopper in-store. With strategically crafted, expertly executed SEO services from Imaginuity Centers, all your audiences can easily find you.

It takes a well-planned combination of content, keywords, metadata, hyperlinks, back-links and more to optimize search results rankings. We achieve this in part by optimizing your website through local search strategies. At Imaginuity Centers, we also develop strategies to help you unlock the potential of SEO and unleash the power of your property’s brand.

Balance your content

It’s all about balance. For maximum search engine relevancy, site content should be optimized with a balanced ratio of copy length to the right keywords, cross-links between the pages of your site, and links to and from relevant social media.  Feeling shaky about your content ratio? We manage and update content for search engine relevance on timelines respective to your project.

Maximize your META

Your property’s site META data is the road map to your content, and it needs to be as easy as possible for search engines to find you. Carefully chosen keywords, accurate page titles and informative page descriptions work together with your content to improve your site’s search results relevance and rankings. Imaginuity Centers works with you to get the most out of your search results.

We make it easy
Our proprietary platform gives us the flexibility to directly control SEO-friendly URLs and other advanced SEO functions, with keywords and META tagging accessible directly through the editing system.

  • Header tags can be added and edited
  • Permalinks can be customized
  • Links can be made keyword friendly
  • It has enhanced sitemap capabilities
  • We can optimize by retailer and geographic location
  • WordPress works cohesively with Google Analytics for data reporting