Content Management

Technology solutions with a kick
When it comes to retail shopping, one size does not fit all.

Technology needs vary for every client and center based on complexity, existing platforms, legacy systems and other parameters. That’s why the Imaginuity Centers team stays fluent in online best practices and major technology tools. We have expert, hands-on knowledge in a broad variety of development environments including PHP, Microsoft .NET, Classic ASP, Java, ColdFusion and more. It’s part of our job to keep learning and growing as technology advances.

To offer the strongest technology solutions for our shopping center clients, Imaginuity Centers leverages WordPress as a preferred content management system (CMS). For custom implementations, we can also utilize .Net and Ruby platforms for in-depth features and database functionality.

WordPress was initially developed as blog software, but has grown into a full-fledged CMS with a robust plug-in architecture and template system. Other key facts about WordPress:

  • hosts millions of sites and supports hundreds of thousands of content updates per day
  • More than 260 million people visit one or more WordPress sites every month
  • WordPress is open source, with hundreds of custom components and new functions being created and shared every day by developers around the world

A solution that is easy to use and update
The intuitive administrative interface in our proprietary WordPress platform was created for nontechnical users, to make site management and content updates easy for your managers. Pages can be quickly added or updated, and attachments (images, documents, video, etc.) are handled through the same interface. By utilizing custom document types, you can allow your non-technical users to maintain an accurate list of stores, calendars, promotions, content updates, images, and more.

Administration with the flexibility you need
Imaginuity Centers can provide multi-site functionality, which allows for many sites to run under a common codebase. Templates and content types are shared, but data is segregated in the database. This enables new properties you own or manage to be brought online quickly, with minimal configuration time and optimal cost savings.

Mobile support to keep you moving
Imaginuity Centers also leverages WordPress because it provides robust support for mobile platforms. Multiple themes can be defined and a simple plug-in determines which theme is used. The result: your shopping center sites display optimally on your consumers’ mobile devices, to keep them connected to you when they are on the move. Keep moving and learn more about our mobile capabilities.