Your shoppers are on their phones; are you?
Your shoppers are on the move, and they expect you to keep up with the ever-increasing speed of life. With more than 450 million international smartphone users, providing instantly accessible information is crucial. Imaginuity Centers can provide mobile-themed websites optimized for viewing on smartphones. The result? A better user experience, higher consumer satisfaction, repeat use — and customer loyalty.

Mobile marketing programs

Keep your finger on the pulse of your shoppers, and reach them wherever they are going. The Imaginuity Centers proprietary platform allows you to create, manage and distribute your own mobile content. SMS and MMS messaging, mobile CRM and loyalty programs, QR codes, Bluetooth and GPS-fueled marketing are just the beginning.

Mobile apps
Are you lost in a sea of apps and wondering if your brand needs one? The answer is yes, and Imaginuity Centers can help. We’ve grown up with apps. In fact, we earned the very first Webby Award given for an iPhone app. Our experience has cultivated in successful and consumer engaging apps built on mobile and tablet operating systems, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry OS and Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile. And be sure to ask us about “appetizing.” It’s as delicious as it sounds.